Introduction of Nanjing Jiangning Hospital

The Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Jiangning Hospital was founded in 1935, which is a Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital committed to delivering state-of-the-art clinical care, innovative scientific research, rigorous medical education, preventive care, health care and rehabilitation. It is also the Affiliated Jiangning Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, medical education base of Southeast University and Jiangsu University, the second batch of national demonstrative bases for standardized residency training and National Clinical Drug Trial Institution. Moreover, it is also listed as Jiangning Clinical Medicine School of Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University, Clinical Medicine School of Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine and Jiangning Clinical Medicine School of Jiangsu Health Vocational College. Nanjing Jiangning Hospital is equipped with Jiangning substation of Nanjing Emergency Aid Center. The reform of Jiangning Model has become a national model.

Currently, there are two campuses in Nanjing Jiangning Hospital, with 2,600 beds being offered, outpatient and emergency patients reaching more than 1.64 million, inpatients and operation cases arriving at 49,000 and 58,904 respectively in 2018.

Nanjing Jiangning Hospital has a galaxy of talents of 2,552 employees, including 2,234 medical staffs, 515 masters and doctors, 359 staffs with senior professional title and 617 staffs with intermediate grade title. The hospital has one of the first batch of “top-notch health personnel” in Jiangsu province, four trainees of the “333 High-level Personnel Training Project” in Jiangsu province, three young and middle-aged academic leaders in health industry in Nanjing, three young talents of health industry in Nanjing. Besides, there are 22 professors, 52 associate professors and 91 lecturers teaching in Nanjing Medical University and Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University and the hospital also has a total of 19 master and doctoral supervisors.

Overlooking of Jiangning Hospital

Overlooking of Jiangning Hospital

Nanjing Jiangning Hospital has formed a reasonable system of discipline with 24 provincial and municipal key specialties including respiratory, cardiology, neurology, oncology, gastroenterology, general surgery, urology, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, renal medicine, endocrinology, ICU, rehabilitation medicine, anesthesiology, Clinical laboratory, radiology, gynaecology, pharmacy, hematology, geriatrics, ultrasonic diagnostics, blood transfusion, pathology and pediatrics, among them, respiratory, neurology, cardiology and rehabilitation medicine are provincial key clinical specialties, The gastroenterology is one of the construction unit of provincial key clinical specialties and the cardiology is the key subject of Nanjing Medical University.

The scientific research of hospital has been steadily improved. The central laboratory of the hospital with 5 full-time researchers is listed as the key laboratory of Nanjing Medical University. The hospital has the workstation of academician Xuehao Wang of Jiangsu Province Hospital and the research center of immune cell transformation of Nanjing Medical University. The hospital has successfully applied for seven The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects, and nearly 100 provincial and municipal projects. The quality and quantity of all kinds of scientific research awards of the hospital have been continuously improved.

The hospital is equipped with the national and the world advanced facilities, for instance, one linear accelerator, one PET/CT, five CTs, four magnetic resonance imaging scanners, seven DRs, three DSAs, including Varian VitalBeam system, the world’s first mute nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scanners, Siemens 3.0 top scientific-research type nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scanners,the third generation dual-source CT and 256 helical CT. It is also equipped with hyperbaric oxygen chamber, biochemical assembly line, immune assembly line, extracorporeal lithotripsy system, electronic bronchoscope system, gastroenterological endoscope system and other advanced equipment, which can provide more efficient and accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients. The hospital is also striving to build the first smart building plus Internet of things hospital in the country.

The hospital is active in foreign exchanges and it has established friendly and cooperative relationship with hospitals and medical colleges in America, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Japan and other countries. The hospital often sends academic leaders and elites to attend international academic conferences or overseas visits for further study. Nanjing Jiangning Hospital is also the first hospital to implement  China-Germany project of Jiangsu Commission of Health in Jiangsu province.

Hospital consistently bears in mind the social responsibility of the public hospital, adheres to the philosophy of love, sincerity, exquisite and excellence, and implements the guideline with regard to the hospital of developing via talent, science and technology, entrenching via high-quality service, and strengthening via innovation. Concentrating on the new development pattern of "one hospital and three campuses", aiming at the international and research-oriented development direction, we will comprehensively strengthen academic construction, continuously improve the level of medical treatment and integrated strength, and make unremitting efforts for the construction of a higher level of Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital.

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